Where Strength and Durability Become an Art Form



Hydrographic water transfer technology is the process that transfers a pattern to an object using water displacement. Any submersible material with a hard non-porous surface. if it can be painted it can be dipped! The pattern you choose is printed on a water soluble polyvinal film, this film is carefully laid on top of the water contained in a custom tank made for hydrographic printing. The film is then sprayed with an activating solvent; dissolving the polly film leaving the pattern floating evenly on top of the water. The object can then be "dipped" allowing the pattern to wrap around and adhere the print in a seamless and continuous finish, no matter the complexity of the shape! After a rinse and dry the product is then finished with several clear coats ranging from flat to high gloss. We also offer a unique SoftTouch finish. these urethane finishes meet the most demanding standards for hardness, UV resistance, chemical resistance and adhesion.